Writing of Elaine L. Orr

Can a real estate appraiser get into this much trouble?  Jolie returns to the New Jersey beach town
where she spent 11th grade, and it's not long before she’s found the body of a former classmate’s
mother, danced with a skeleton, and been talked into running the local food pantry. To think she
moved into Aunt Madge’s B&B to have a quieter life...

Learn more about the Jolie Gentil series on my fiction page. Behind the Walls joins the fifth book
in the series, an Amazon bestseller in spring 2013.

Trouble on the Doorstep
Amazon deemed Trouble on the Doorstep a "Hot new release."
From Hurricane Sandy to Cozy Corner B&B repairs to Aunt Madge's wedding in three weeks. If
Jolie can handle that surely she can deal with a sobbing woman who shows up at midnight
playing a scary message on a cell phone. Available at
Amazon and Smashwords, Barnes and
Noble, itunes and other sites. Paperbacks at Create Space and other sites.
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reviews of Trouble on the Doorstep.

  The Jolie Gentil series -- fiction you can share with your mom.
Jolie and Scoobie High School Misadventures.
Was Jolie always so stubborn about
digging up information? Did Scoobie have
that wacky sense of humor when they met
in high school? Now you can find out.
Check out the year they went to high school
together in Ocean Alley. A lot of humor and
the usual teenage angst, with a big problem
hidden in plain sight.
Jolie Gentil Translates
to Trouble
has books
four to six of the series.
Super new audio of When the Carny Comes to Town.
Listen as Jolie falls into the dunk tank and a local murder
causes lots of trouble. Michael Spence's narration is terrific.
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Behind the Walls -- sixth in the Jolie Gentil series is out!  Who
can get in so much trouble as they renovate a storm-damaged
house?  If you guessed Jolie and friends, you're right!
Happy to say that Behind
the Walls is selling at a
fast clip! It is now in