Any Port in a Storm
Jolie Gentil and friends put finishing touches on the Talk Like a Pirate Day fundraiser for the
food pantry and try to figure out who's breaking into houses Jolie appraises. When she
finds a new face in town is leading high school kids into trouble in those houses, Jolie's
mad and lets him know it. But Hayden offers to help her mind her own business. A lot of
people at the fundraiser hear her give him what for. A hurricane's on the way to disrupt Talk
Like a Pirate Day. When a corpse turn up under the pirate ship the next day, Jolie's looking
like a suspect.

Soon she's getting less work. Who wants a murder suspect doing a real estate appraisal?  
Scoobie's pirate limericks can't solve a crime, so Jolie and her sometimes-buddy reporter
George Winters look for the murderer and try to figure out who wants to frame Jolie. They
need to stay ahead of whoever's mad at her and off the radar of the local police who tell
Jolie to butt out. All this and Aunt Madge's blossoming love life. And what about her own?  

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Every new book in the Jolie Gentil series is better than the last. "Any Port in a Storm" kept me puzzling
until the last few pages and made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. larkybird on Amazon

This author has created one of the best story series. You got your usual murder, suspects, a handsome
protector, escaping possible death brought on by a deranged woman, the ah-ha moment when you
realize who the murder is, and finally solving the case. A. Gordon on Goodreads

Though I like all the Jolie books, this one is my favorite. It's quite a challenge for the author of a series to
develop the continuing characters, letting them grow while still keeping complete consistency with their
earlier selves, and Elaine Orr does this magnificently.  Anonymous on Barnes & Noble

This was a fun, entertaining, good book. I really enjoy these characters: Jolie, Scoobie, Aunt Madge,
George. Even Jazz, Mr. Rogers and Miss Piggy. The development of the story was great...kept me
wondering how it was all going to end until the last minute. Annabella Prieto on Amazon
Fourth in the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series