Biding Time
The idea for Biding Time began at a bus stop in California, watching two teen boys
try to learn the settings on a watch. The story meandered until it became that of
Frank Myers, who used his new watch to learn more about the world and his late
uncle's place in it. Along the way, he figures out more about how he fits in, too.
Review: Biding Time is a short but entertaining read...This short novel grabbed my
interest from the first page... It was well written, and gave the reader insight into
the life of a young black teen-ager growing up in a rough neighborhood, a young
man who experiences the angst of growing pains while suffering a very personal
loss. The hero, sometimes honest and sincere, sometimes rebellious and
belligerent, captured my sympathy, and I found myself hoping the noble
qualities in his personality would prevail, while wondering if they would. I
highly recommend "Biding Time." Jody Bresch on Amazon
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Franklin Myers never met the uncle he was named for. His mother's brother
Franklin died in Vietnam when he was only 22. At least, everyone thinks he did.
He's still MIA. As the young Frank Myers grows up in the schools and on the
streets of Washington, D.C., his path crosses that of the uncle he never met
through the memories of his uncle's friends, especially at the Veterans Outreach
Center. Frank has his own friends, especially Eric, so he doesn't focus too much on
his uncle. But, it's other Vietnam vets who may save Frank from the problems
youth of the late 1980s find in DC, problems Eric seems drawn to.