SECOND of the
River's Edge Series
Reverberating bangs shook Melanie Perkins' nerves
when she visited the old barn on her late parents’ farm.
Either someone was aiming at her truck, or they didn’t
know fireworks are supposed to go upward. Could
things get any worse? Yes. On her next visit, she finds
a dead body on the barn floor. Even tougher -- Sheriff
Deputy Granger's gun is pointed at the chest of
someone she holds dear.

Illegal goods are complicating things in the small Iowa
town of River's Edge, Iowa, and Mel’s out of sorts with
some usually supportive friends. And someone may
have taken Mister Tibbs! That little dog is her favorite
companion. Upcoming Fourth of July activities and a
half-finished manuscript hinder her determined efforts
to solve the crime -- before an innocent person is
convicted of murder

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In August 2017, Demise of a Devious Neighbor advanced in
Chanticleer's annual Mystery and Mayhem awards. Exciting!