Audio Books of Elaine Orr
Appraisal for Murder
Rekindling Motives
When the Carny
Comes to Town
Trouble on the Doorstep
Behind the Walls
Young Adult Novella
Biding Time
Jolie Gentil in Audio
Ground to a Halt
MAKING AUDIO BOOKS AFFORDABLE. Digital audio books are
much less expensive than CDs, but a lot more than an ebook or
paperback. Often, if you buy the
Kindle version, the audio book is
substantially cheaper. My ebooks are priced fairly low. If you join
Audible, you buy a book a month with a credit secured through your
membership fee. Much cheaper than the usual price. You can also ask
your library to buy a copy
Holidays in Ocean Alley
Audio books can immerse you in
fiction even more than a paperback
or electronic book.

Some very talented actors have
produced the Jolie Gentil books and
Biding Time, a young adult novella.

These are digital editions, which can
be played on an mp3 player, your
computer or tablet, or via your car's
stereo system, if you have blue tooth
 Any Port in a Storm
Recording Underway
   Vague Images
Recording Underway