logland series
Marti and Nick have inherited The Bully
Pulpit Diner in Logland, Illinois, and their
first Christmas season is not off to a good
start. When Marti heads to the laundromat
to retrieve clean linens, she finds the body of
town grouch Louella Belle Simpson cycling
through the dryer Free with Kindle
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Three-Book MYSTERY series
With more books coming! Why is the small Illinois town named
Logland? It's a tongue-in-cheek reference to Illinois as the Land of
Lincoln. Think Lincoln logs.
When the owner of the Bully Pulpit Diner and
Grill decided to stop letting servers accept
tips, he figured the raise he gave them would  
Apparently not, because waiters Marti and
Nick found his body on  the diner floor. Free
with Kindle Unlimited
Tip a Hat to Murder.
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