You've worked for years. Now you want to write a book or
start a blog. Or perhaps write a history of your family to
leave to the grandchildren.

The classes I've created on Teachable let you take advantage
of the techniques I use as a successful author. Why spend
months studying when you have a ready-made shortcut to
learn how to publish?

This class is geared to the person with life experiences who
wants to embark on a new venture. It is primarily text, with
many links to examples or other resources. Why not a lot of
video? Video is great, but take a lot of time. It's also hard to
refer to if you want to check something.

The class has 12 sections, each with several lectures (for a
total of 45) and many links to websites, blogs, and books.
The full outline is

What do people say about Elaine's book about Writing in

Whether you intend to spend retirement writing a novel, or you
want to start a serious second career in writing, Elaine provides
hands-on guidance from her own experience of making a second
career in writing.

Ms. Orr clearly outlines the process from idea to publishing, and
while the book is aimed at retirees who are thinking about getting
their words in print, there are useful resources for writers at all

And the course is far more comprehensive. Click here for
more info or to enroll in this efficient and economical course.

Work at your own pace. When you're done, join the private
Facebook group to keep interacting with Elaine and learn
from other participants.
It's never too
late to start a
new path!
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