More Fiction for itunes
Biding Time is the coming-of-age story of the nephew of a Vietnam vet, set in
Washington, DC.  Will Frank find a safe path or will he succumb to the problems
around him? A poignant read for any age.

Secrets of the Gap features the ancient Roman Baths of Bath, England
in a modern mystery.  One reviewer says,
Secrets of the Gap "
is an enjoyable read, not too long, not too short, well
paced,  and well constructed."
Rekindling Motives - Second of the Jolie series. Can a man who went
missing in the Prohibition era be linked to a modern murder in Ocean Alley?
Appraisal for Murder - First of the Jolie series Jolie moves back to Ocean
Alley and finds a body at her first day of work. Ocean Alley may not be as
peaceful as Jolie thought.  
Any Port in a Storm. A fundraiser for the Harvest for All food pantry has
deadly results. And somebody left a trail that leads to Jolie.
When the Carny Comes to Town. A carnival dunk tank leads to an attack on
Scoobie. When his deadbeat mom turns up, there's murder to add to the mix.
Trouble on the Doorstep. Hurricane Sandy repairs mean a terrified woman
on the Cozy Corner's porch...and murder.
Behind the Walls. Who wants the jewelry Jolie finds in her fixer-upper
bungalow? And wants it enough to leave a body on her porch swing?
Finalist in the Chanticleer 2014 Mystery and Mayhem Awards.
Vague Images. Hospitals are no place for murders. Jolie's not happy to find
the budget-cutter's body.
Ground to a Halt. Newest mystery! Jolie and friends' coffee shop hangout,
Java Jolt, isn't just the fun place it's been. Someone has a dangerous secret.
Jolie and Scoobie's High School Misadventures. When Jolie has to stay
with Aunt Madge for 11th grade, she's mad. She meets Scoobie, and a
babysitting job has big complications. (Adults or young adult.)
Books 1-4 & 5-7 of the Jolie Gentil sites are sold as boxed sets on itunes.
Demise of a Devious Neighbor
Second River's Edge mystery. When
you pull up to your barn and see
someone pointing a gun, it's not
good. Melanie has to sort out why
someone she loves is being framed
for murder. But she ends up in more
trouble herself.
From Newsprint to Footprints -
First in the River's Edge series.
The pain of losing her job is
nothing compared to what
Melanie finds the first day at
her new one. Someone's wants
people to think she's a

murderer. She wants to protect
herself and help friends - and
find the killer.
Holidays in Ocean Alley. A murder at her front door makes Aunt Madge
reconsider her "don't interfere" policy. She turns to Scoobie for help.
The Unexpected Resolution. A midnight wedding is interrupted by
previously unknown family -- followed by murder. Life can change when
you least expect it.
After her father's brutal murder, Corozón, her mother,
and little brother Pico leaveHonduras to seek asylum
in the U.S. Instead of being helped, they are separated.
Will the two little pawns ever be reunited with their
mother? Strong character voices tell a deep story in
this short piece.
In the Shadow of Light