500 Plus Hashtags for Writers

Using Hashtags to Target Readers

What is a Hashtag, Anyway?

Get Used to Click on the Number Sign

Twitter can be a valuable tool in an author’s book marketing strategy. To best target readers who aren’t looking for your books, put a pound sound before a word that describes an interest — a hashtag.
In “500+ Hashtags for Writers” you’ll learn what a hashtag is and how choosing the right ones help you reach readers who are interested in your book’s topics. Though geared to fiction writers, the ideas here will be helpful for nonfiction writers as well as readers. While no one can guarantee using Twitter will expand your sales pool, this author had no sales in international markets before using Twitter and a few days without using it bring sales down.

As one reviewer says, “Ms. Orr does an excellent job of getting the meat of things in an useful way. For a Twitter novice, there is information that makes the process clearer and the list of hashtags is comprehensive but makes it easy to come up with more targeted ones.”

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500 Plus Hashtags for Writers