aunt madge & the civil election
Special to the jolie gentil Series
Aunt Madge is horrified that her Jersey shore town will give big
tax breaks to a huge resort. Ocean Alley will be swallowed up in
a condo canyon. She runs for mayor to promote sensible
progress over massive growth. A lot of people agree with her.
Maybe not whoever tried to burn down her garage. Neither she
nor her opponent will stoop to low blows, so people are actually
talking about the issue. How odd. With the regular Ocean Alley
characters, a bunch of laughs, and murder on the side, visit
Ocean Alley to find out how it will chart its future.

With Harry as her campaign manager, Scoobie making signs, and
time to scheme with Jolie, what could go wrong?
(A 17,000 word story, special to the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery
           Praise for the Jolie Gentil Series

Perfectly timed, the latest story from Elaine Orr is like a fuzzy blanket
and hot tea version of politics. It’s always fun to revisit the gang from
Ocean Alley, and getting to hear from Aunt Madge in her own words is
a real treat. More, please!
From a review of Aunt Madge and the Civil Election by Jeffrey
Harlowe on Amazon

The dialogue in all the books is smart, witty, sometimes funny, and
realistic...The characters, including the animals, have lots of depth, and
the good guys have appeal. Jolie is smart, funny, sarcastic in a charming
Bugs Bunny sort of way, and determined.
Her Aunt Madge is someone
everyone needs in their life
From a review of the First Four, on Barnes and Noble