Kindle Unlimited is a fee-based Amazon program that lets you borrow books for a
subscription price ($9.99 month). You can keep up to ten books at a time, with no
return date.

Authors love to have you buy books, so why encourage KU? Think of KU as a
library. We buy books we know we will reread or perhaps books of favorite
authors, but others will only be enjoyed once. KU pays authors based on the
number of pages read. (Ah, technology. Who would have thought this would be
possible?) If you don't have a Kindle, download to your computer, phone, or
Android device with the Kindle App.

I keep most books on all book seller sites, but I rotate some through KU, and keep
some box sets in the program. The selections are below. Read away!
Books 1 - 3
Amazon US    UK
Canada  Australia
Books 4 - 6
Amazon US   UK  
Canada Australia
Amazon US  
Amazon US  UK

New! Books 10, 11 and
a fun novella.
Amazon US, Amazon UK
Amazon CA, Amazon AU
Books 7 - 9
Amazon US, UK,
Canada,   AU