Resources in The Art of Deliberate Distraction

There are hundreds of books on relieving stress and lots of talk-
show psychologists who deal with life’s pressures. This short
resource list is deliberately brief. This isn’t a homework
assignment. Things listed here can be easily found, and some are
free. They’ll help you delve into these topics on your own time.
At online book sites, put the words “free books on worry” or
“free books on relieving stress” into the search field. Some will
always pop up.

Strategies to Redirect Your Thoughts and Distract Your Mind, UH
Connor Integrative Health Network Blog, April 24, 2020

7 Practical Ways to Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life,
Akina Chargualaf,

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie.
This book has been around for decades and has more than 6,500
reviews on Amazon. It’s a bit dated, but the concepts are tried
and true. Revised editions are available. Most libraries have a

Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress,
Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday
, Matthew
Sockolov, Althea Press, 2018

Simplify Your Lifestyle: Seven Steps to A Clutter Free Home and
Happy Living with Less
, Neal Hoffman, 2015
Having your life and your “stuff” in disarray can create stress.
Working to organize can be a deliberate (constructive)

Codependents’ Guide to Detaching with Love, Sharon Martin, on the
blog Live Well and Love Your Life, 2020.
I mentioned that there is a term called detachment in twelve-
step programs. Many articles focus on an addict’s behavior, but
this one is an overview and the focus is more on the person who
wants to detach. It’s a different concept than deliberate
distraction, but sometimes you need to detach before you can

Resources for Families with Addiction Issues
Perhaps you need deliberate distraction because of an addiction
issue in your family or one faced by a friend. Hazelden (part of
the Hazelden Betty Ford treatment universe) has a great
bookstore. Amazon and Barnes and Noble have many of these
books, perhaps with free shipping.

Resources if it’s Hard to Distract from Major Problems
The best place to start might be the United Way. If there is not
an office in your immediate area, there will be state offices with
links to local resources. In larger areas, if you call 2-1-1 you’ll
reach someone who can provide directions.

Is your life too hectic? Concerned about people or
events in your orbit? Welcome to the 21st century --
especially during COVID-19.

Try Deliberate Distraction, which means recognizing
something you cannot control or fix and consciously
channeling thoughts or actions elsewhere. Find some
ways to make peace where you can find it.

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