THIRD of the
River's Edge Series
Life for Melanie has returned to normal. She works as
a gardener with friend Stooper, eats at Mason's Diner,
and sits on her farmhouse porch with friends Syl  and
Sandi. Her biggest challenge is helping Mr. Tibbs get
used to the still-unnamed black cat that sauntered into
the household.

And then she finds a body in the coat closet at the
Farm Bureau dinner. The local grain operator had
angered farmers with increased prices, but who kills
for an extra few cents per bushel of corn?

Tired of fingers pointing toward her and curious about
why someone burned some of her late father's files,
Mel does some poking on her own. The kidnapping of
a local woman raises the stakes.

With pets who have a nose for trouble, Melanie seeks a
devious suspect.

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River's Edge series --
Newsprint to Footprints.
Book 2, Demise of a
Devious Neighbor, was a
finalist for the 2017
Chanticleer Mystery and
Mayhem Awards.
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