FINAL opEration
City Clerk Donald Dingle is a pest. He's a tightwad with the city budget and
criticizes the police department to the point that Police Chief Elizabeth
Friedman would love to see him retire. And she did mean retire, not expire.

When Dingle dies soon after having stents implanted, it's natural to wonder
why he didn't recover. When the reason becomes apparent, people in town
wonder if they're safe in the hospital.

Then some of the pointing fingers aim at Medical Examiner Skelly, a good friend
of the police department Dingle wanted to abolish. Chief Elizabeth Friedman
has her hands full. She has to tread on some important toes to find the answers.
Even if her department survives, can the hospital and her friends there do the
same? And how long could a small town survive without its hospital?

Join the quirky characters of Logland, Illinois in this police procedural with a
cozy feel.  

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