Using Twitter is similar to learning a language. A few minutes a day is more
effective than concentrated effort on an irregular basis. With the 140-character
tweets that writers can use to reach readers, the key is to organize your work.
This book discusses how to use tweets to reach your audience, provides
samples across genres, and ends with tips on how to do it efficiently.

Hashtag wisdom can be hard to come by.  But using hashtags is an important
marketing strategy. Whether you self publish your books or want to promote
your traditionally published book,
500+ Hashtags for Writers will give you a
head start.
This book gives a whole lot of useful information on how to make the most
of twitter. I love it and consult it on a regular basis. Thank you, Elaine.
Kathleen Delaney, author,
Ellen McKenzie real estate mysteries, July 12, 2014

Ms. Orr does an excellent job of getting the meat of things in an useful way.
For a Twitter novice, there is information that makes the process clearer and
the list of hashtags is comprehensive but makes it easy to come up with
more targeted ones. Prairie House, on Amazon, May 30, 2014