Fiction authors sometimes try to avoid bringing their
corner of the real world into their Twitter or Facebook
pages. We want readers to think of our books, not causes
we advocate or protest.

Other times, we feel we have to take a stand. When
politicians start seizing children from their parents, I
speak out. I put my anger into the story of Corozón and
her family who seek asylum in the U.S. after her father is
murdered for refusing to pay for gang 'protection.'

The story is not hers alone. Through the eyes of two
children, Corozón and Kyra, an American child, we see
not only the sorrow but how people can come together to
build justice and joy.

I like the story --
In the Shadow of Light. I don't think you'll
find it preachy, and you may enjoy the purity of the
children's views of their worlds.

As always, feel free to tell me what you think.
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