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Trouble on the Doorstep
From Hurricane Sandy to Cozy Corner B&B repairs to Aunt Madge's wedding in three
weeks. If Jolie can handle that surely she can deal with a sobbing woman who shows up at
midnight. A shady deal for storm repairs at the Ocean Alley Senior Complex seems to be
at the root multiple murders. When the partner ends up dead at the B&B, Jolie's digging
for clues in between burning muffins and appraising houses. But when she doesn't share
all that she learns with her sometimes-boyfriend, reporter George Winters, he's grouchy.
Jolie is convinced she needs to find the murderer and expose fraudulent repair bids. Not
everyone shares her views--not the police, her friend Scoobie, and certainly not the
Books Five to Seven
Behind the Walls
Jolie is thrilled to have her own house -- even if it was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and
in need of some definite TLC. She and friend Scoobie find a sack of jewelry when they
pull down wallboard. Who put the loose diamonds there? Will anyone come looking for
them? When Jolie finds an elderly Ocean Alley auctioneer dead on her porch swing, she
thinks his death relates to the jewelry. Or does it? Join Jolie, Scoobie, Aunt Madge,
friends and some nutty pets.
Finalist for the 2014 Chanticleer Mystery and Mayhem
Vague Images
Hospitals are no place for murders. Jolie's not happy to
find budget-cutter's Tanya Weiss' body. The unpopular woman seemed to have a lot of
people who might want her out of Ocean Alley. The culprit wasn't on Jolie's radar, which
makes it hard for her to avoid the killer.
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