Appraisal for Murder (Jolie book 1)
Rekindling Motives  (Jolie book 2)
When the Carny Comes to Town (Jolie book 3)
Any Port  in a Storm (Jolie book 4)
Trouble on the Doorstep  (Jolie book 5)
Behind the Walls  (Jolie book 6)  
Vague Images  (Jolie book 7)
Ground to a Halt  (Jolie book 8)
Holidays in Ocean Alley (Jolie book 9)
Unexpected Resolution (Jolie Book 10)
The Twain Does Meet (Novella btw 10 & 11)
Underground in Ocean Alley (Jolie Book 11)

River's Edge Series
From Newsprint to Footprints (Iowa mystery 1)
Demise of a Devious Neighbor (Iowa mystery 2)
Demise of a Devious Suspect (Iowa mystery 3)

Logland Series
Tip a Hat to Murder
Final Cycle
Final Operation

Family History Mysteries
Least Trodden Ground
Unscheduled Murder Trip

Biding Time (Young Adult)
Falling Into Place (Reflective fiction)
In the Shadow of Light (Reflective fiction)
Secrets of the Gap (Bath, England mystery)

Because her mother lost 95% of her sight in mid-life,
Elaine is committed to making her books available
to all.
Jolie Gentil Series