logland series
Marti and Nick have inherited The Bully Pulpit Diner in
Logland, Illinois, and their first Christmas season is not off
to a good start. When Marti heads to the laundromat to
retrieve clean linens, she finds the body of town grouch
Louella Belle Simpson cycling through the dryer.
Final Cycle.
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Three-Book MYSTERY series
Why is the small Illinois town named Logland? It's a tongue-in-cheek
reference to Illinois as the Land of Lincoln. Think Lincoln logs.
When the owner of the Bully Pulpit Diner and Grill decided
to stop letting servers accept tips, he figured the raise he
gave them would make up for it. Apparently not. Waiters
Marti and Nick found his body on  the diner floor and Chief
Elizabeth Friedman has a bevy of suspects.
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City Clerk Donald Dingle is a tightwad with the city budget and
criticizes the police department to the point that Police Chief
Elizabeth Friedman would love to see him retire. And she did
mean retire, not expire. When he dies soon after having stents
implanted, Medical Examiner Skelly is accused and people
wonder if they're safe at the local hospital. Or did some of Dingle's
meanness catch up with him?
Final Operation
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