mildred mistletoe
Mildred Mistletoe may have been born
under a Christmas tree, but that doesn't
mean her life is problem-free. When her
human, Fergie, is accused of stealing from
a Christmas collection tub, Mildred needs
to make things right. She also has to find a
new home for Mittens, a socially awkward
cat who belongs to twins Fergie and
Frank's friend. And there isn’t much time.
Written for high school and older
middle school readers, the stories can
be enjoyed by their parents as well
Mildred Mistletoe is trying to get
Fergie and her twin brother Frank to
be friendly again. It's almost
Christmas, they can't stay mad!
While her humans are out, Mildred
sees a stray dog leave a puppy under
their bush. Can she help her humans
find it before it freezes in the snowy
night? Fergie and Frank will have to
learn to work together to save the