Part of Arcadia's Images in America Series
Monett grew from a Frisco Railway town to a diverse community of many industries and
interests. This book I did for Arcadia Publishing shows how the town grew and changed
over more than 100 years. Pictorial histories are a lot of fun. Even if you don't know the
names of figures in history, many of the places will look familiar.
Monett is available at all online retailers and Monett's Modern Variety Store.
The Monett roundhouse was a place for rail car
maintenance. Cars were put on a device that let
engineers turn them while working underneath
All this from a creek. Kelly Creek continues to invade the
town occasionally, though many flood prevention projects
mean there is far less water. Note the train in the background.
Many Monett residents had ideas and
contributed photographs for the book.
You can also visit the Barry County
Museum, Cassville (south of Monett), or
stop by the Chamber of Commerce. A
Monett Historical Society is active
Monett in 1950s or early 1960s.