Writing in Retirement:
Putting New Year's Resolutions to Work

How many times have you said this is the year you'll start that
book? Now you're retired or close to it, so no excuses. Useful for
any age or writing project,
Writing in Retirement can help turn
your fantasy into reality and build additional income. The book
takes you from thought process, to types of writing, to preparing
a book to publish. It guides you through formatting for ebooks
and paperbacks, and loading the book to online retailers.
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Arcadia Publishing issued Elaine's book, titled simply
Monett, in 2006. It is a pictorial history of this Barry
County, Missouri town that was born because of the
Frisco Railway and continues today with a vibrant
economy and friendly atmosphere. You can purchase
Monett at most
online booksellers as well as local retail
outlets in the Monett, MO area. They include The

Modern Variety Store
in Monett and the Barry County
Historical Museum in Cassville.
Orr, Campbell, Mitchell, and Shirley Families:
Descendants of Paul Orr and Isabelle Boyd in Ireland and America
From linen weavers and grain mill operators of Aghadowey Parish in Northern
Ireland to the cities and plains of North America came the descendants of Paul Orr
and Isabelle Boyd.    
Orr, Campbell, Mitchell, and Shirley Families has almost 2,400 entries and a detailed
index.  It would not have been possible had it not been for a 1954 booklet prepared
by the
Orr Reunion Association of Mount Vernon, Missouri.
Words to Write By
Putting Your Thoughts on Paper
The approach to Words to Write By is reflected in
two key factors for anyone who wants to learn to
write well.

  • Don’t be afraid to write badly while you learn.
  • Practice by writing about what you know.

Available for all ereaders and in paperback. More info and links
Writers like to reach readers. To help do that on Twitter, I wrote
500+ Hashtags for Writers. There is some information on using
Twitter, but it's mostly about how to target your tweets. In
ebook and paperback.

Find out how to organize and store tweets so you can work
quickly and efficiently.
Eclectic mix of articles
on reading, writing,
and publishing.
Writing When Time is Scarce  will help you
figure out It’s not about turning your life upside
down. It could be about two more hours per week.
If you can find it, this book can show you how to go
from rough draft to published author -- whether you
do all the work yourself or work with a publisher.
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