This set has the first three books in the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series, set in the fictional
Ocean Alley, NJ. Fiction you can share with your mom.

Appraisal for Murder - Jolie returns to Ocean Alley. Soon she's appraising houses, dodging
a low-level wise guy, and searching for a murderer.

Rekindling Motives - Can a man who went missing during Prohibition be tied to a modern

When the Carny Comes to Town -- The dunk tank is a crazy fundraiser, but
the aftermath leaves Scoobie fighting for his life.

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As a librarian, I'll recommend this series to readers who want a good story without too
much gore or sex, but don't necessarily want Christian fiction either. The Ocean Alley
Adventures have the right mix of humor, mystery and just a light touch of romance. Carolyn
Branch, Amazon, July 3, 2013

Engaging Mysteries Minus the "Yuck" Factor. I may be a wimp who doesn't like my
reading all mucked up with gore and guts, but I also like characters who are more grown
up and engaged with real life than, say, the Bobbsey twins. Maybe Ms. Orr had me in mind
when she designed these cozy mysteries. I loved all five of them. C. Nisaragi, Amazon,
July 17, 2013