elaine orr's plays
i love dialogue
Common Ground is
a royalty-free play
that would be great
for local theater
groups. Simply
purchase copies of
the script, and
please let the author
know where you
are producing.
My first love was writing plays. I could see the settings so
clearly, hear the actors' inflections. I took playwriting classes
from Davey Marlin Jones and Jonathan Eig at, respectively,
the Writer's Center of Bethesda, MD and Georgetown
University's Continuing Education Program. The Writer's
Center chose
Permission to Hope for a staged reading, in 1989,
which was wonderful.

I also wrote several movie screenplays. Some were good,
some too simple, but I loved it. But, people don't buy
screenplays or produce plays of writers who don't push
themselves to promote. People buy truckloads of books on
Amazon and other sites. So, I switched.

The only play available for purchase is a one-act,
Ground. Each act depicts an older couple preparing for what
(to viewers) is a picnic with a surprise. Lots of dry humor.

Maybe someday I'll go back to those earlier works and do
some polish. For now, too many books bubble in my brain.