What happens when a real estate appraiser opens an antique
wardrobe in an attic? If you're Jolie Gentil, a skeleton's head pops
out. Richard Tillotson vanished just after his sister married his
business partner in 1929.

Jolie sees a link to the family's Prohibition era business and
works with friends Scoobie and Ramona to gather clues from old
photo albums and ledgers. The photo albums lead her to Mary
Doris Milner, Richard's long-ago girlfriend. She is certain who
murdered him. But, there was nothing to link her suspect to the
murder then, and he's long dead himself.

The present day murder of Mary Doris tells Jolie and Scoobie
they are on the right track. Did the secret she kept all these years
finally kill her? Mary Doris' death means Jolie won't stop until
she finds her killer, whether that leads to a culprit in Richard's
decades-old murder or not.

Between running the food pantry at Christmas time and escaping
a burning building, Jolie and Scoobie hope to figure out who the
modern killer is before someone else gets hurt.
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I loved the first book in this series, but this one is even better. Great
suspense and humor, and I love the 'in your face' heroine, Jolie!
Mary R. Hamilton on Amazon

I loved this next book in the Jolie series. It was fun to see what trouble
Jolie and her friends could get themselves into (and then out of)! The
author does a great job of giving each character a unique personality.
Makes you feel like you know them. Looking forward to reading more
books by Elaine Orr.
cwjmom on Barnes and Noble
Second jOLIE gENTIL Cozy Mystery