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"Writing in Retirement: Putting New Year's Resolutions to Work" provides a
framework for you to decide if writing (self-publishing, for the most part) is a
good way to supplement your retirement income or Social Security check. And
then it tells you how.

"Writing in Retirement" takes you from thought process, to types of writing, to
preparing a book to publish. It then offers specific instructions on formatting
for ebooks and paperbacks, and loading the book to online retailers.

Think of everything you know or all the ideas you've had for a book. Why not
get those ideas in print as ebooks or paperbacks? You can even do
audiobooks. Does it cost money to do this? Either none, or very little.

There are so many practical suggestions in "Writing in Retirement" that you'll
really be able to see how to supplement your retirement income or add to
your Social Security check. I've been doing so for years.

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