Usually the woods near her apartment are friendly. But when Christa Heckertt is
stuck in a deserted cellar there, it's anything but. She's there because Christa
interrupted an intruder who tried to steal parts from computers her Iowa City
fourth-grade class won in the mayor's competition. They want them back.
Officer Kirk Reynolds was called from a drug surveillance to investigate the
attempted school burglary. He wants enough evidence to convict a drug dealer
who sells to kids and Christa who wants to keep her students safe and get
control of her life again. The thieves who want the newly won computers will
stop at nothing. They'll kidnap, kill, run cars off the road, steal,and more. If
Christa and Kirk don't stop them, there will be more bodies - maybe their own.
For a cozy mystery with a romantic twist, try
Searching for Secrets.
There is enough romance between the main characters, Christa and Kirk, to let you know their
feelings about each other but not so much that it detracts from the plot. Lots of suspense and
intrigue to hold your interest until the surprise at the end! I look forward to reading more of this
author's books! Kaki,on Amazon, January 21 2013

Lots of action here. Never a dull moment. Loved the characters. As usual, this author provides
us with a very strong woman. And a man who doesn't put up with much from her. Explosive
interaction, but a nice romance, too. Plus several surprises in the ending. D. Pugh on Amazon,
September 23, 2012