Secrets of the Gap
Secrets of the Gap was first written as a play. It was born during my second visit
to this wondrous site and evolved for years, finally reaching its final form as a
book more than a decade after I finished the play. It is a challenge to convey a lot
about a historical site without getting the plot and characters bogged down in the
description. I'll leave it to readers to decide if I accomplished that.  If you have
not visited the Roman Baths in Bath, England, learn about them.  The idea that
these excavated baths were buried for centuries is mind-boggling.
For Carolyn Williams,the ancient Roman Baths of England are why she became
an archaeologist. At a conference at the baths, she finds the infuriating Greg
Porter, who is unable to shake feelings about the place and has traveled from his
dig in Egypt. Over the next few days, Carolyn's theories about the long-buried
Roman Temple come up a British trio looking for part of a long-lost statue. Their
motives are not pure, and Carolyn and Greg may not live to see if the statue's
base and head are reunited.
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