When the owner of the Bully Pulpit Diner and Grill decided to stop letting
servers accept tips, he figured the raise he gave them would keep them happy.

Apparently not, because waiters Marti and Nick found his body on  the diner floor.

Or were some of his other hobbies what got poor Ben Addison killed?

Police Chief Elizabeth Friedman tries to figure out why cash changed hands
for items besides food and Medical Examiner Skelly would like to help the
chief with more than crime-solving. But it's the local fraternity that gives Elizabeth
the most trouble. On top of the Sweathog Agricultural College frat, she deals with
customers who seem to know nothing, wacky town residents, and a thief who
must have really wanted something from Ben.

One of them keeps a good secret
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Going to be a great series. Who done it? That's the mystery. You might guess, but you don't
know until the end. Waiting for the next book.

I'm glad that the author has decided to turn this into a series because I loved the characters and
the setting. The book reads like a really good cozy mystery, but it's unique in the sense that the
investigator is actually the Police Chief and I found myself enjoying the added realism of not
having forced situations for her to be able to interrogate people or track down clues.
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Final Cycle.