Boxed Set of Books 4-6 of the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mysteries
This boxed set puts together books four through six of the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery
Series. They are
Any Port in a Storm, Trouble on the Doorstep, and Behind the
. Jolie has gotten readjusted to life in Ocean Alley and manages to balance
appraising real estate with chairing the Harvest for All Food Pantry. What she can't
quite do is mind her own business. Especially when it comes to a body under the
Talk Like a Pirate Day ship, Hurricane Sandy, or stolen jewels.

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a good thing.
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Adding to the character list is a memorable cast of animals including Pebbles the skunk
(devoid of scent glands, thanks be) who befriends a homesick Jazz, Jolie's cat. But the
animals in Behind The Walls aren't just window-dressing—they reflect what Jolie’s
feeling and have a special role to play toward the end of the story.
Susan Anderson on Amazon

I have found her cozy mysteries good "thank you" or "get well" books. I usually buy a
couple of each one in the series to give away. I just bought copies of her "Jolie and
Scoobie High School Misadventures" to give to my two nieces and one nephew who are
in high school.
MA Vincent on Amazon

I feel like I am actually in that little town, spying on the high jinx that Jolie manages to
stumble into. Pat on Goodreads