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From Hurricane Sandy to Cozy Corner B&B repairs to Aunt Madge's wedding in
three weeks. If Jolie can handle that surely she can deal with a sobbing woman
who shows up at midnight playing a scary cell phone message. Pooki is frantic
about her husband's whereabouts and more than a little 'ditzy,' according to Jolie's
best friend, Scoobie. After taking Pooki to the police station the next morning,
Jolie figures she is problem-free. Not really.

A shady deal for storm repairs at the Ocean Alley Senior Complex seems to be
at the root of Steve Oliver's hit-and-run death and missing business partner
(Pooki's husband, Eric). When Eric ends up dead at the B&B, Jolie is digging for
clues in between burning muffins and appraising houses. But when she doesn't
share all that she learns with her sometimes-boyfriend, reporter George Winters,
he's grouchy.

Jolie is convinced she needs to find the murderer (or is it murderers?) and expose
fraudulent repair bids. Not everyone shares her views--not the police, her friend
Scoobie, and certainly not the murderer.

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There's something for everyone in these stories- plenty of mystery and intrigue, loyal
friendships and a spark of romance.  
luv2read on Amazon

This is, by far, the best of the books so far. I was glued to my seat and didn't see the ending
coming at all.
 Pat on Goodreads

I think this may be the best in the Jolie series yet. I enjoyed the new trouble Jolie gets herself
into! The mentions of the damage to the Jersey towns from Sandy were respectfully made.  
Anonymous on Barnes and Noble
on the Doorstep