Jolie Gentil Book 11
Jolie Gentil has sworn off butting into other people’s
business. To those who know her, it sounds as far-fetched
as finding used bubble gum on Mars. Her life revolves
around her husband Scoobie, her twins, appraising the
occasional house, and helping run the Cozy Corner B&B.
Nothing could drag Jolie into solving crimes. Really.

Except maybe a request from the most unlikely source.
Sergeant Morehouse is convinced his nephew is not a
runaway. Something had terrified the teenager, but before
Morehouse could figure it out, Kevin was gone.

Jolie has a soft spot for Kevin, who helped Scoobie’s
young brother Terry adjust to life in Ocean Alley. Plus,
she has a feeling that Kevin saw something he wasn’t
supposed to see at the hospital, when he had his
appendix removed.

She has to make the time to follow her hunch. Kind of
hard to balance family, the B&B, and the upcoming Cinco
de Mayo-themed food pantry fundraiser. And what about
the murder of the hospital's head nurse? Could it be
connected to Kevin's disappearance?

Adding to the mix is Aunt Madge decision to enlighten
the Jersey shore by running for mayor of Ocean Alley.
She's convinced a proposed resort will change the
character of Ocean Alley. With her husband Harry as
campaign manager, she intends to convince voters
progress doesn't have to mean lots more concrete.

Jolie has faith in her hunches. Scoobie isn't so sure and
Aunt Madge believes Jolie needs a remedial course in
minding her own business.

But Kevin’s life may depend on Jolie’s certainty and her
efforts to find him before a killer does.

Follow the crime -- and fun -- in the eleventh Jolie Gentil
cozy mystery.