unscheduled murder trip
family history mystery SERIES
Book 2
Digger Browning found her reinvigorated Uncle Benjamin sitting on
the kitchen table in the Ancestral Sanctuary, the home she inherited
from him. A bigger surprise was tripping over a body while taking
pictures at the abandoned train depot.

She thinks the  body is linked to a long-ago disappearance in her
town of Ma
ple Grove. A mystery someone wants to stay hidden.

As she digs into old records and clues, Digger’s friend Marty
wonders if Digger’s odd mutterings mean she’s losing it. He gets
more convinced when Digger seems to call to her uncle as someone
takes pot shots at the two of them. What happens when an
apparition’s medium tells others about the ghost that she alone sees?

Will Digger have to lose Uncle Benjamin to get close to anyone else?
Great addition to
this new series.
Enjoy how the
main characters
interact and look
forward to book
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