Bad enough that Jolie ends up in the emergency room because she tried to avoid
hitting a deer. Worse to find a dead woman in the hospital restroom after Jolie
gets patched up. As the chief budget cutter at the hospital, Tanya Weiss was
unpopular, especially in the Radiology Department, where Scoobie works.

In between appraising houses and feeding her pet skunk, Jolie’s on the lookout
for a runaway teenager and whoever planted the dead woman in her path.
Thanks to Scoobie, she’s also planning another crazy fundraiser for the food
pantry—this one a Corn Hole Contest. It’s sort of a bean bag game for grown-
ups, and the polite term is Corn Toss Contest. So of course, Scoobie prepares to
name winners in the Harvest for All Corn Hole Contest.

Just when Jolie’s ready to leave the murder investigation to the police, she gets a
surprise —and it’s not a good one. Will her need to know see her hurt—or

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This is the most exciting in this wonderful series that I have been reading for the past few
years. I look forward to every addition. Not sure how Jolie always end up in the middle of all
these murders, but it's fun to see how she muddles her way through...Just loved it! Lynn on

Another Jolie Gentile winner. I really enjoy the fact that this is one main character who isn't
constantly wrapped up in herself. She is active in the food pantry and sympathetic to the
predicament of a couple of former babysitting charges....I loved then ending.
Karen Musser Nortman on Goodreads
Seventh Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery
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