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Secrets of the Gap features the ancient Roman Baths of Bath, England
in a modern mystery.  One reviewer says,
Secrets of the Gap "
is an enjoyable read, not too long, not too short, well
paced,  and well constructed."
Trouble on the Doorstep. Hurricane Sandy repairs mean a terrified woman on the
Cozy Corner's porch...and murder. Hot new Amazon release.
Behind the Walls. Who wants the jewelry Jolie finds in her fixer-upper
bungalow? And wants it enough to leave a body on her porch swing? Finalist
in the Chanticleer 2014 Mystery and Mayhem Awards.
Vague Images Hospitals are no place for murders. Jolie's not happy to find
the budget-cutter's body.
Ground to a Halt. Jolie and friends' coffee shop hangout, Java Jolt, isn't just the
fun place it's been. Someone has a dangerous secret.  (Not on Walmart site)
Jolie and Scoobie's High School Misadventures. When Jolie has to stay with
Aunt Madge for 11th grade, she's mad. She meets Scoobie, and a babysitting
job has big complications. (Adults or young adult.)
Holidays in Ocean Alley. Aunt Madge is in assisted living for a time, and
it's Scoobie who helps her find out who killed the woman who fell into her
apartment. Good humor at the Jersey shore. Except for the murder.
From Newsprint to Footprints - 1st in the series. The pain of losing
her job is nothing compared to what Melanie finds the first day at
her new one. Someone's wants people to think she's a murderer.
Demise of a Devious Neighbor - 2nd in the series. A man on the
barn floor! Who's been hiding in that barn, and why did they kill to keep
their actions a secret? Melanie has to sort through clues--and watch her
back, Finalist for 2017 Mystery & Mayhem Awards.
Demise of a Devious Suspect - 3rd in the series. Life seems to have
calmed down -- until Melanie stumbles over a body in the coat closet at
the Farm Bureau dinner. Then someone burns her dads old files and she
gets adopted by a stray black cat. What else can go wrong?
Any Port in a Storm. A fundraiser for the Harvest for All food pantry has deadly results.
And somebody left a trail that leads to Jolie.
Appraisal for Murder - First of the Jolie series Jolie moves back to Ocean Alley
and finds a body at her first day of work. Ocean Alley may not be as peaceful as
Jolie thought.
Rekindling Motives - Second of the Jolie series. Can a man who went missing in the
Prohibition era be linked to a modern murder?  
When the Carny Comes to Town. A carnival dunk tank leads to an attack on Scoobie.
When his deadbeat mom turns up, there's murder to add to the mix.  
The Unexpected Resolution. Weddings are fun -- but Jolie and Scoobie's
brings an unknown guest. And the need to resolve some unexplained issues
in Scoobie's past. And what's that about a murder?
A story of family and healing,
with much revealed when a secret
comes to light. Told with humor
and grace. A novella.
 Falling Into

Underground in Ocean Alley Are a nurse's murder and missing teen
related to a proposed  resort in Ocean Alley? (Not yet on Walmart site)
Mildred has to straighten out her
humans in time for the holidays.
Fun read for all ages.
NOTE: This series may be unavailable fora few days at Walmart due to a publisher transition.