words to write by
write badly to write well

Words to Write By: Putting Your Thoughts on Paper, grew from the comments of
several very smart people who maintained they, "Could not write." After
working with them, I concluded they knew their technical subjects well, but
were not comfortable writing about them. Think about it. You don't play an
instrument perfectly the first time, and you definitely don't speak a new
language well until you speak it badly for a while.
Part discussion, part workbook, Words to Write By urges you to practice by
writing about something you know well. That takes away the fear of writing to
please a boss or impress an audience.
Words to Write By was written in 1995,
went into hiatus, and has been an ebook since 2010. It is now in paperback. You
can read it in a short time and get to work honing your skills.
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Orr is a clear and concise writer. Her book is well-written and well-edited. She speaks directly
and honestly to the reader in order to help them improve their writing skills. Christine Rice on

A good book to get you started in getting your work published. If this is your dream, then this
book is for you...Start writing today. This book gave me the courage to start writing again.
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