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Aunt Madge and the Civil Election

An Aunt Madge Story in the Jolie Gentil Series 

Remember when candidates were polite and talked about issues? In Ocean Alley at the Jersey Shore, they still do. Well, there was the issue with the fire at the garage…

If this is your first book in the Jolie Gentil series, it’s a bit different than the others. In fact, it’s called an Aunt Madge Story in the Jolie series. In terms of story chronology, it follows “Underground in Ocean Alley” (book 11). In that book, Jolie solves a murder while Aunt Madge happens to be running for mayor of Ocean Alley.

In “Aunt Madge and The Civil Election,” events of the crime-solving are muted and the campaign is the focus. If that sounds boring, be assured there is plenty going on, with much of the usual dry humor.

I wanted readers to have the story of Aunt Madge’s campaign. It’s told from her point of view rather than Jolie’s, without spoiling the mystery in “Underground in Ocean Alley,” should you choose to read it.

Harry manages Aunt Madge’s campaign, and they are determined that Ocean Alley not be overtaken by a large resort development. Aunt Madge says she’s for sensible progress, but neither she nor her opponent will stoop to low blows.

You can read this 16,500 word story to find out who won the election!

Aunt Madge and the Civil Election has the same major characters – Jolie, her husband Scoobie, his brother Terry, and their three-year old twins, Aunt Madge, and her husband Harry. No book would be complete without Scoobie’s best friend, former reporter George Winters, the irascible Sergeant Morehouse, Megan of Java Jolt, and the ornery Lester Argrow. There are other familiar faces, too.

Amazon Review:  It’s always fun to revisit the gang from Ocean Alley, and getting to hear from Aunt Madge in her own words is a real treat. More, please!

Aunt Madge and the Civil Election, a Story in  the Jolie Gentil Series
Aunt Madge and the Civil Election, a Story in the Jolie Gentil Series