Biding Time

Frank follows the path his MIA uncle could not.

Biding Time

A Young Adult Novella

Frank Myers never met the uncle he was named for. His mother’s brother Franklin died in Vietnam when he was only 22. At least, everyone thinks he did. He’s still MIA.

As the young Frank Myers grows up in the schools and on the streets of Washington, D.C., his path crosses that of the uncle he never met in the memory of his uncle’s friends,  at the Veterans Outreach Center.

 Frank has his own friends, especially Eric, so he doesn’t focus too much on his uncle. But it’s other Vietnam vets who may save young Frank from the problems youth of the late 1980s find in DC, problems Eric couldn’t avoid.

Amazon Review: What a wonderful little story. It was very moving and showed that sometimes things really do happen for a reason.

Biding Time takes Franklin Myers on his journey from high school to adulthood, in the shadow of his MIA uncle.