Common Ground

A Play in One Act


Common Ground

Getting established in a new place is a challenge, and the three couples in “Common Ground” have varied opinions on it as they pack or prepare food for a picnic to meet future neighbors.

The initial scenes involve their separate conversations, including views on potential neighbors. In the final scene they are together, joined by some of their children, who are interested–and amused–at their parents’ choices. The ending will bring a smile.

“Common Ground” invites a racially and ethnically diverse cast. The Kindle version of “Common Ground” is designed to be read. The paper copies of this royalty-free play are written in script format.

Review: Great dialogue. Characters are well-developed. I have directed plays for 16 years and this would be a great one to stage. The ending caught me by surprise and was insightful.

Three couples plan their new lives -- with a twist.