Decide What to Write

And Learn How to Publish

Who Do You Want to Read Your Piece?

If you have a message to convey, whether, through fiction or nonfiction, you’ll haveto decide what to say and to whom you want to say it. You need to define your audience and fully conceptualize the final product. Minus these early steps, there may not be a targeted audience to read it and you won’t know when you have finished writing.

After you think through your goals and pick a project, the course will help you get down to writing and figure out what to do when you’re done. Don’t look for catchy phrases about bestsellers or making a fortune. Both would be great but you have to get the work done first.

Why not just read a bunch of books?  Take advantage of the time I’ve spent read books and taking courses. I also update the resource lists in each lesson. Another timesaver for you.

This course is structured with sections and groupings of lessons within them. Within each lesson, there will be a description of the content, plus attachments, which are lessons in pdf format. There are videos in some sections, they are essentially lead-ins to individual lessons. A few files are questionnaires to administer yourself to help you think through aspects of the publishing process.

Decide What to Write and Learn How to Publish - Detailed Written Lessons Accompany this Online Class