Logland Mystery Series

Police Procedurals with a Cozy Feel

Final Cycle

Logland Mystery Series Book 2

Marti and Nick have inherited The Bully Pulpit Diner in Logland, Illinois, and their first Christmas season is not off to a good start. When Marti heads to the laundromat to retrieve clean linens, she finds a big surprise cycling through the dryer.

Louella Belle has racked up a lot of ill will by constantly voicing her opinions on Logland inhabitants’ weight and food consumption. Chief Elizabeth Friedman has few clues and little help from the alarmed Logland residents. When a second body turns up in the senior citizen apartment parking lot, it seems the killer wants to silence anyone who’s a threat.

And then someone goes after Skelly, the medical examiner who likes to needle the chief. As Elizabeth and the small Logland police force wade through suspects and clues, they learn some poignant facts that serve as a reminder of why we need to reach out to people who aren’t easy to help.

Join the eclectic mix of Logland characters as they try to solve a murder and celebrate Christmas.

Amazon Review: I was surprised by the complete resolution to the crimes, and liked the pace at which it was revealed.

Final Cycle, Logland Mystery Series Book 2
Final Cycle, Logland Mystery Series Book 2

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