Fitting in After Fifty

Adapting and Making Friends in a New Town

Fitting in After Fifty

Moving is right up there with death and taxes as a favorite pastime. A friend once told me that she had an entire page of her address book devoted to me. If you count local moves, I’ve loaded my stuff into a truck more than 20 times. I jump into a new community. Whether you are a vibrant fifty or sixty or a slower seventy or eighty, Fitting in After Fifty can be your personal and practical guide for making your own leap.

I enjoy meeting new people and never feel out of place, even if I don’t know a soul in a crowded room. Not everyone feels comfortable with strangers. Still, even introverts have to make their place in a new setting. You can think of Fitting in After Fifty as your self-help guide for getting around in a new town.

Why is this book called Fitting in After Fifty? Because, IMHO, it’s easier when you’re younger. You may still be in close contact with childhood, high school, or college friends and some may live near your new place. Your own kids get you involved with other families through their schools, sports, and hobbies. When you’re starting or changing jobs, professional contacts can draw you into the world beyond work.

So, this book focuses on those of us who are more mature (or not) at roughly age fifty or older. Much of what is discussed would apply to relocators of any age.

A younger person might use some of the ideas to help parents settle into their retirement community, or assist a widowed parent or friend as she or he finds new activities in the town they already live in.

Whatever your purpose, Fitting in After Fifty can speed up your efforts to find friends and get to know a new community – or rediscover one you’ve lived in for a while.

Note: Fitting in After Fifty is in Kindle Unlimited, so it’s only on Amazon sites.

Fitting in After Fifty To Your New Town