Family History Mystery Series

Crimes of Old to Solve Today

Gilded Path to Nowhere

Family History Mystery Series Book 4

When a Maple Grove resident discovers some old gold coins in the woods near town, it’s an intriguing event — but not one that seems dangerous. However, the article Digger’s friend, Marty, wrote for the Maple Grove News, seems to have attracted unwarranted attention. Did it come from a long-ago bank robbery or burglary, or was someone passing through murdered in the early 20th century? No matter the source, it leads to a fresh murder today.

Sheriff Montgomery asks Digger for help in tracing descendants of possible owners of the stash of coins. But he didn’t mean for her to delve deeply into the case. She and Marty — with input from the late Uncle Benjamin — can’t resist. Their probe may uncover secrets others will do anything to conceal.