Mildred Mistletoe Rescues Christmas

Jersey Shore Friends & Murder

Mildred Mistletoe Rescues Christmas

Mildred Mistletoe, the cat born in the manager under her family’s Christmas tree, has her paws full.

She needs to get her high school humans, Fergie and Frank, to get over being mad at each other about a silly school dance. And then she spots a deserted puppy in the snow!

Will she be able to get her humans’ attention in time to save it? With little help from Dog or the local mouse, Mildred has to take charge or Christmas may not be merry.

Review: A quick read for an adult, a nice story for younger readers. Mildred Mistletoe is a very special kitty who runs her household and makes things better.

Mildred Mistletoe Rescues Christmas - again

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