Ocean Alley Adventures

Jolie Gentil Books 1 – 3

Kindle Unlimited Box Set

Enjoy the first three books in the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series, set in the fictional Ocean Alley, New Jersey. After moving to Aunt Madge’s Cozy Corner B&B, Jolie is a real estate appraiser at the Jersey Shore. Her flexible schedule seems to allow plenty of time for trouble.

With a name that translates to “pretty nice” (thanks to her French Canadian dad), she’s used to teasing, and her embezzler ex-husband taught her more about trouble than she ever expected. But stumbling across dead bodies in the middle of the work day? That’s a new one.

The first three books of the series are Appraisal for Murder, Rekindling Motives, and When the Carny Comes to Town. Jolie reconnects with old friends Scoobie and Ramona and manages to tick off local reporter George Winters on a regular basis. She doesn’t know what busy is until she ‘volunteers’ to lead the group that manages the Harvest for All Food Pantry.

Review: The Ocean Alley Adventures have the right mix of humor, mystery and just a light touch of romance. Orr has a deft hand with description and brings the town and its many characters to life.

First three books of the Jolie Gentil Series

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