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Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series, Book 12

Murder and Toddlers Don't Mix

    It isn’t every day that you find a body at your kids’ school. Unless you’re Jolie Gentil. Then it’s more of an option. 

     Someone broke into Sand and Sea Daycare, leaving a broken window and plenty of rain in the director’s office. When Jolie hears an angry man say the intruder must have been looking for some books, she remembers the center hadn’t deposited money raised at its annual rummage and bake sale. But that’s not her business. Her job at the co-op center is to place orders for the food the kids gobble.

      Scoobie’s contribution, as a poet, is to lead a rhyming session with the kids. It’s bedlam and they love it.

      But when Jolie goes into the center for an evening board meeting, she finds a body at the desk of the Sand and Sea director.

      With help from Mayor Madge, Jolie learns that the daycare center building has been caught up in plans for a boutque hotel and could have to close. Some liked the idea of a sale and others strongly objected.

      Neither Jolie or Scoobie think it’s a good idea for the twins to head back to school until they know what really happened. And when four-year olds clamor to be with friends, it’s a good idea to figure it out.

       Who kills because of an old building? Someone does, and they don’t like the idea of Jolie learning who they are.


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