The Art of Deliberate Distraction

When to Wiggle Your Toes

The Art of Deliberate Distraction

A book long in the writing.

Elaine is largely a fiction writer, but the concept of deliberate distraction entered her brain decades ago and would not leave. This short book (more the length of a substantial essay) could also be dubbed suggestions for how to worry less.

Deliberate distraction is recognizing something you cannot control or fix and taking deliberate action to divert your thinking to something more positive.

It doesn’t mean you avoid problems or duck responsibility. It means you know when to channel your thoughts or actions to areas where you can do something, or to time to simply chill.

Practicing deliberate distraction won’t eliminate problems and it is not permission to ignore things you could do something about. Deliberate distraction is not medical advice or counseling, simply thoughts of a reformed worrier. Or partially reformed. Worry may be an innate trait we need to learn to manage.

Because the book is short, included with it is Elaine’s favorite piece of (her own) writing — Falling Into Place. It’s a story of a family tackling difficult challenges with humor and grace. Perhaps a good way to distract yourself.

The Art of Deliberate Distration (An Essay about How to Worry Less)

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