The Mysteries Continue

Jolie Gentil Books, 10, 11, and a Fun Novella

Kindle Unlimited Box Set

The Unexpected Resolution opens with a surprise guest at Jolie and Scoobie’s wedding, and an unidentified body in the Ocean Alley Hospital emergency room. 

The Twain Does Meet is a novella that relays the story of Jolie and Scoobie becoming parents. While there is lots to discover, it’s not a traditional cozy mystery. It didn’t seem right to combine such a joyous even with a corpse. In fact, it’s called it a Jolie and Scoobie novella.

The series moves ahead three years with Underground in Ocean Alley. As a mom of toddlers, Jolie Gentil has sworn off butting into other people’s business. To those who know her, it sounds as far-fetched as finding used bubble gum on Mars. Nothing could drag Jolie into solving crimes. And then a request for help comes from the most unlikely source…

Publisher’s Weekly Review: Orr’s family-focused 10th Jolie Gentil cozy mystery finds sometimes sleuth Jolie and her fiance Scoobie preparing for their intimate New Year’s Eve wedding in Ocean Alley, NJ. Then Scoobie’s long-absent father shows up in the local hospital…Orr successfully delivers a quiet story about unexpected life events and the honest love that binds no matter what.

Jolie Gentil Books 10, 11, and a fun novella

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