Words to Write By

Putting Your Thoughts on Paper

Words to Write By

Don’t Be Afraid to Try

Writing is a learned skill, not something that you either can or cannot do. The distinction between people who seem to write easily and those who do not is more a matter of comfort, exposure, and just plain doing it.

This book deals with writing non-fiction, though the concept of developing thoughts well applies to a short story or novel. Do you have an idea for an article? Has your boss said you need to learn to write better? Do you want to write your family history? Learn, at your own pace, how to put your thoughts on paper in a way that encourages others to read them.

A combinaton of instruction and workbook, the concept behind the book is to select a topic that you know well so that you can focus on what you want to write rather an deal with an unfamiliar topic. Fear of writing is reduced, freeing you to think about how you want to present your ideas to others.

Do you have to write a lot to make your point? No. This book is a testament to writing badly can be writing well.

Words to Write By -- an approach to thinking through your writing

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