Writing When Time is Scarce

And Getting the Work Published

When You Think There are Not Enough Hours in the Day

Writing when you make the time.

You would like to write some fiction or nonfiction. The issue is whether you can add that to your plate, or if next year would be better. There’s always next year, right? Next year always comes, but not with more than 24 hours in each day.

You may be able to rethink your activities and pare down some responsibilities or hobbies. Few options are clear cut, but this one is. If you allocate a certain time of the week or given day to writing, you are more likely to make progress.

It may not be easy, especially if you have a busy job or family commitments. But it can be done.

Writing When Time is Scarce takes you from concept through publication, whether you work with a publisher or produce books yourself. 

A Kindle Unlimited book, the electronic edition is only on Amazon. 

Writing When Time is Scarce